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A) Dust Cups:
Special groove called Dust cup groove is machined in upper punch barrel wherein a dust cup (made of food-grade rubber) can be fitted. This prevents dust going into the upper punch barrel and also avoids tight upper punches.


B) Bellows:

Dust cup bellows are similar to Dust cup but has a long working area which makes it more effective compared to cups. Fitted on the upper punch groove, the bellows prevent dust depositing on punch barrel and avoids the punch getting tightened in the turret. It also avoids the contamination of product with the lubricant.

C) Punch Inspection Kit:

Pacific offers its digital punch inspection kit for validating the tooling.
The following are list of equipments provided in the inspection kit:

   Comparator    V Block
   Digital Micrometer    Pointed Brass Anvil
   Ball Anvil    Radius Gauge
   Digital Standard Height Gauge    Plug Gauge (Bore Gauge)
   Punch Holder    Snap Gauge (Head Profile Gauge)
   Punch Holding Jig  

D) Punch Polishing Kit:

Pacific high speed punch polishing kit is the most advanced punch polisher with the following salient features.

  • Cavity polish achieved is equivalent to the polish and finish produced at the punch manufacturers factory.
  • Compact model, easy to remove and fix felt bobs and brushes.
  • Portable and Light weight.
  • Noiseless and fitted with imported Japanese Motor (RPM developed is around 18,000).
  • Uniform Polishing is achieved.
  • Power consumed is very less i.e. 150 watts in single phase.
  • The polishing machine is a continuous duty machine and can run for hours.

Storage Systems For Tablet Tooling:
Pacific tablet tooling storage cabinets are made in SS-304 MOC where the punches are placed vertically in individual drawers.We can offer storage cabinets having capacity to hold 250 sets of tooling to 1000 sets of tooling.

Tailor made tooling cabinets can also be offered as per customer requests.
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             Punch Inspection Kit


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